Creative Approaches to Songwriting with Aaron Jensen

Aaron Jensen has written for some of the most talent artists in the world, including JUNO, GRAMMY, and EMMY winners. In this course, he shares his creative process and gives you step by step advice on writing your own songs. Perfect for anyone getting ready to dive in or those who are practicing songwriters looking for more inspiration and tools.

Movement for Singers with Kristin Denehy

Take your performance to the next level with all the right moves. Kristin Denehy takes her experience dancing and choreographing for the NY Knicks, international tours with Backstreet Boys, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez, and *NSYNC, TV, movies, and Broadway and gives you the tools to succeed. Just like she did with groups on The Sing-Off.

Barbershop with Drew Wheaton

This class takes you from zero to hero on the art of barbershop singing. Designed for the musician with no experience in barbershop, learn everything from technique to performance to culture and you'll be nailing the lock and ring on those tags in no time.

Drew Wheaton is the tenor of the 2016 International Barbershop Quartet champions, Forefront, and has been the Musical Director of the Thoroughbred Chorus since 2012. He holds music degrees from McGill University and the University of Louisville and a Masters of Music in Choral Conducting at University of Louisville. A co-founder of the competitive a cappella group Cardinal Rule, he is now the director of adjudication for the A Cappella Education Association. Drew teaches private voice lessons, is a sought-after coach and clinician, and is a live sound engineer for contemporary a cappella.

Lessons: 10

Arranging with Deke Sharon

 In this course, you’ll learn how to write a cappella arrangements from the father of contemporary a cappella. Deke utilizes methods from his best-selling book A cappella Arranging, his online arranging seminars, and lessons he’s learned from arranging for The Sing-Off and Pitch Perfect. Each lesson comes with three levels of assignments and a wealth of knowledge on how to start and finish a cappella arrangements.

Lessons: 14


Intro to Scat Singing with Bob Stoloff

In this course, you’ll learn the basics of scat singing through multiple types of exercises including rhythm-only exercises, vocal percussion exercises, singing in different modes, and improvising through basic harmonic progressions. In each lesson, Bob sings through the exercises and then plays along as you sing them back. Each lesson comes with a wealth of excerpts from Bob’s best-selling scat books.

Teaching A Cappella for Social Change with Lisa Forkish

In this course, you’ll learn how to successfully lead and direct your a cappella group, all under the umbrella of advancing social justice and eliminating cultural bias. You will learn how to craft a mission statement, choose repertoire, maximize your rehearsal time, prepare for competition, and most importantly, create a safe and loving place for your group members. Each lesson comes with assignments to practice and refine your directing skills using the same model as Lisa.