Arranging with Deke Sharon

 In this course, you’ll learn how to write a cappella arrangements from the father of contemporary a cappella. Deke utilizes methods from his best-selling book A cappella Arranging, his online arranging seminars, and lessons he’s learned from arranging for The Sing-Off and Pitch Perfect. Each lesson comes with three levels of assignments and a wealth of knowledge on how to start and finish a cappella arrangements.

Lessons: 14


Module 1 Philosophies and Goals
Unit 1 Philosophy of Arranging
Unit 2 Basic Tips
Module 2 Arrangement Pieces
Unit 1 Melody
Unit 2 Copyright Law and Publishing
Unit 3 Bass Lines
Unit 4 Harmony
Unit 5 Texture
Unit 6 Syllables
Unit 7 Close Harmony Writing
Module 3 The Bigger Picture
Unit 1 Styles of Background Voices
Unit 2 Arranging For A Specific Group
Unit 3 Mash-Ups
Unit 4 Choosing Repertoire
Unit 5 Stories From My Career
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