Teaching A Cappella for Social Change with Lisa Forkish

In this course, you’ll learn how to successfully lead and direct your a cappella group, all under the umbrella of advancing social justice and eliminating cultural bias. You will learn how to craft a mission statement, choose repertoire, maximize your rehearsal time, prepare for competition, and most importantly, create a safe and loving place for your group members. Each lesson comes with assignments to practice and refine your directing skills using the same model as Lisa.


Module 1 Group Beginnings
Unit 1 Introduction
Unit 2 Building A Group
Unit 3 Defining Group Success
Unit 4 Choosing Repertoire
Module 2 Working With Singers
Unit 1 Group Relationships
Unit 2 Setting and Maintaining A High Bar
Module 3 Teaching for Social Change
Unit 1 Differentiation In Directing
Unit 2 Lessons From Competing
Unit 3 A cappella For Social Change
Unit 4 Building Community
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