Creative Approaches to Songwriting with Aaron Jensen

Aaron Jensen has written for some of the most talent artists in the world, including JUNO, GRAMMY, and EMMY winners. In this course, he shares his creative process and gives you step by step advice on writing your own songs. Perfect for anyone getting ready to dive in or those who are practicing songwriters looking for more inspiration and tools.

Module 1 Approaches and Lessons
Unit 1 Introduction
Unit 2 Generation of Ideas
Unit 3 Finding Melodies
Unit 4 Compositional Process
Unit 5 Repeated Figures
Unit 6 The Jammer and the Polisher
Unit 7 Myth of Inspiration
Unit 8 Rhyming and Repetition of Sounds
Unit 9 Dramaturgical Writing
Unit 10 Prompt Exercise
Unit 11 Songwriting Toolkit
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