Movement for Singers with Kristin Denehy

Take your performance to the next level with all the right moves. Kristin Denehy takes her experience dancing and choreographing for the NY Knicks, international tours with Backstreet Boys, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez, and *NSYNC, TV, movies, and Broadway and gives you the tools to succeed. Just like she did with groups on The Sing-Off.

Module 1 Foundations of Movement
Unit 1 Introduction
Unit 2 Self-Evaluation
Unit 3 Foundation and Lower Body
Unit 4 Arms and Focus
Unit 5 A Meeting With Forte
Unit 6 Mic Stands and Mic Technique
Module 2 Choreography Styles
Unit 1 Crafting Your Performance: Rock
Unit 2 Crafting Your Performance: Ballads
Unit 3 Crafting Your Performance: Mid-Tempo Pop and Hip-Hop
Unit 4 Breakdown of Love Lockdown
Unit 5 Movement With Music
Module 3 Forte Sessions
Unit 1 Christian and Danielle- Introduction
Unit 2 Forte Sessions: Christian
Unit 3 Forte Sessions: Danielle
Unit 4 Forte Sessions: Sophie
Unit 5 Forte Sessions: Joel
Unit 6 Forte Sessions: Luka
Unit 7 Forte Sessions: Cara
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